Taxes And Fishes; It Smells Bad?

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Ghanaians are but a health care crisis away from poverty

Abby Writing: Taxation Kɛ mini?

I’m not the only one who remembers contribution time from school right? When the class would pool together fractions of their lunch money for an ailing classmate or as a sign of support should one’s family be bereaved. 

Now I know we all love to mock our education system with seemingly smart quips along the lines of ‘how will exponentials and its cohorts help us in adulthood?’ But one thing I appreciated from basic school was that it impressed on me the essence of being a part of a collective and the need to support others in need in whatever capacity. Of course, this lesson does not start and end in schools to be fair as, it is definitely one of those Ghanaian traits practiced in various regions and across ethnicities. 

So like yeah, more times, big ups to those who contribute to GoFundme’s and MoMo’s to help out others because hɛn nananom bese ana, nyimpa hia mboa (check like i dey use my Akanness dey monopolise but English translation dey the end); man dey need help chale. However, the snide comments made here and there, as valid as they might be on their own, were ill-timed and detracted from the actual target of collective ire, the State. 

So long as Ghana no be rentier state, we dey operate on the premise of “no taxation without representation” some. E no dey make sense say we dey pay tax upon tax san so dey pay 2.5% NHIS levy on goods and services but help me ask where does the money go? Do we even know the structure for the disbursement of funds and other resources to the various health centers? Do we understand the workings of the MOH (Ministry of Horrors) and  the GHS (Ghana Harrowing-Health Service) in relation to NHIS? Why is it that people cannot receive health care without having to crowdfund?


Lol, but no for real, why are citizens continuously being taxed when the general standard of living stays deteriorating? The chasm between inequalities widening further on the daily and projected to get worse thanks to Rona. 

A majority of people around the globe are feeling the pinch of Rona’s effects on their economic situations and yet still, a cursory glance on social media will show you a handful of crowdfunding requests, mainly to do with health care from Ghana. 

The situation has surpassed dire. We have known, since time immemorial, of the appalling situation that is the health care system in Ghana and been aware of the changes required. Yet this has become part of the political agendas of the two warring parties, instead of it being a matter of national priority, regardless of the party in power, because it is an inherent right of the people to have easy and affordable access to treatment in the country without having to break an arm and leg (whew, that was a long sentence.)

We need to start interrogating the state and holding them accountable. Where does the NHIS levy go? MOH & GHS are to actively operate in the best interest of citizens be it NPP or NDC or hopefully a different party altogether when Ghanaians finally divest from Atta Panyin ne Atta Kakra. If as of 2021, citizens need to depend on monetary contributions from the general public, when NHIS is a thing, then the State has failed us and we need to ask why. For every GoFundme or MoMo contribution made, hold them accountable. 

It is the humane thing to do but the onus is not on the populace to maintain systems. The state needs to work to enhance the welfare of its citizenry, not further deplete them when picking up the slack of the responsibilities of the elected government.

Taxation kɛ mini? (Ga) taxation and what?

hɛn nananom bese ana, nyimpa hia mboa (Akan) – as the elders say, man is not an island (?)

Atta Panyin (Akan) – oldest twin

ne (Akan) – and

Atta Kakra (Akan)- youngest twin (used together in reference to the political duopoly of governance between the NDC and the NPP)

Cyril Writing: We Are TikTokers Now

This paragraph right here was supposed to be where we impress you with the rather elaborate research Abby and I engaged in to decide which (video focused) social media platform was going to be our default video creation and sharing medium. YouTube required a lot of work that we were not prepared to commit to (this might come as a shock but there are limits to what we would do for you our dear reader). The podcast network already has an Instagram account and we do love reels and played around with a couple ideas but ultimately felt TINABU needed to exist in a space where we can be our chaotic best. Introducing @thegoldcoastreport! Follow, or notWe move! We going to kill it or have fun trying so you’d be missing out either way if you don’t follow us. Check out our first submission below!

I had a cute 800 words written breaking down each scene and the message we trying to share but it no need. It’s pretty obvious. We recognize and value the importance of the media in Ghana’s growing democracy. It has high-key been frustrating watching hate-group such as ‘Journalists Against LGBTQ+ In Ghana’ form with such little resistance from the Ghana Journalists Association. Mind you, corruption, investment in national infrastructure, education and health as covered by Abby above are STILL very much on-going issues.

We leaving the interpretation of our video to you. Last thing I will add, judge people by their actions and our dear Ghanaian media, we de watch.

Abby Writing: Seaside Diaries


Something dey smell fishy, aquarium”*

On any day, residents in coastal towns rejoice in the abundance of fish. However, I trust they were not as enthused on the dawn of 5th April, 2021, to dead and dying fishes of all types along the shores. 

“Ebe like you dey try surprise but a catch you already”*

A superstitious person may say the gods have been angered, which might be valid because have you seen the state of the country presently known as Ghana?

On a somewhat serious note though, like no cause for alarm, a similar situation occurred along the shores of Iran as recently as 2nd April, 2021. There is speculation that Chinese trawlers/ships/fishermen are the cause for this phenomenon through the use of pulse fishing to capture seafood ? (If you are interested you can read more on this fishing technique here.)

Anywhore, given how the Government of Ghana (GoG) frolics in bed with the PRC for coins these days, it is plausible that they have ceded our waters to the Chinese in some weird maritime agreement…or that this happened without GoG’s knowledge…

“Abeg your tilapia feature me see you for call me”*

In the meantime while we wait on the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development to conclude investigations to answer our collective, “who dunnit” curiosity, please refrain from buying or thinking of consuming fish for a while.

No bro fit guilt trip you for your red meat consumption, my g.

*The words of famed Ghanaian philosopher, MDK

Dead dolphins and fishes washed ashore in Ghana - TheAfricanDream
Yeah…best to avoid fish for a while


With the final conclusion on the cause of death of the 13 different species of fish which washed along the shores of our beloved country still pending, it has been surmised the fish were in distress. 

The exact cause of stress could be environmental factors ranging from increased temperatures, Ghana make hot, to a disease of sorts, to Hawa Koomson being the Minister of Fisheries. And yet without conclusions, some people went ahead smoking some dolphin, claiming it to be tuna…and I… ?

For public health reasons, it is pretty much common practice to discard rather than consume animals with unknown causes of death. Hopefully this does not trigger an outbreak of sorts within the Axim-Bewire constituency. 

There are so many activities permanently altering the state of the world as we know it now and if anything we need to be vigilant and conscious of the various elements within our immediate natural environment. 

This is likely the start of many more curious phenomena to occur. Perhaps if the state gave a toss about the environment as opposed to colluding with foreigners to further exploit our resources; instead of talking about criminalising those who, for whatever reason fail to adhere to advice to not consume randomly dead animals, they should critically look at educating and implementing more sustainable approaches to production. 

We cannot afford to continuously deplete our resources in anticipation of assistance from massah when shit hits the ceiling.

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