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Twin City Fashion Week (2019)

Abby introduces Cyril
Me ankasa I struggle with writing bios so this feels like making a diary entry of my perceptions on someone, which should be private but alas, I have agreed to make my thoughts fodder for the interwebs in perpetuity. 

Humph, so who is Cyril…my first thought when we engaged with a tweet from a mutual, which led to me making enquiries about him…tbh all I went looking for was, “the Cyril guy no he get sense?” and got an affirmative and thus was he welcomed into the sphere of my online bubble.

Ok enough fluffing, gun to head, brief intro of Cyril, um, compassionate, deeply, like I care about you and i want you to best believe i got you no matter what, here are a couple of suggestions on how to navigate this moment, and know that I will be with you and celebrate you at the end. Hella creative; I swear my g has ideas churning around in his medulla oblongata or whatever chamber like every quarter of a second, yup. To avoid writing an academic length essay, looking like I’m real close now but whatevs, he is my kind of person in that I think we tend to have a pretty cynical outlook on life and he provides great recs on shows, movies and music. 

Thing is though, Cyril reads people well so I’m lowkey wondering if I did him justice because he could simply put down a word or two to describe me which would perfectly encapsulate my essence whereas I am going on and wondering what more to add. Anyway sha, all that matters is he get sense where it matters.

Cyril introduces Abby
Abby is like the horns in Kanye’s ‘All Of The Lights’. Sure you could argue the song would still slap without them but that x-factor? The thing that tied it all together and had us all pulling a stank face when we first heard the song was the horns. That’s what Abby is to our fun lil’ multimedia project and then some 🙂

She has never heard a bad idea she didn’t like and this has made it especially fun planning this with her and has me legit excited for what is to come. The ability to look past an idea at face value, and see what it could be is a rare ability and one that makes collaborating with her a breeze. Her energy is infectious and as her partner on this, frankly scary because I honestly can’t imagine where the idea threads we pull at will take us. For everyone else, you in for a treat.

The creation process often feels one with dread; how will it be perceived? Will they like it? Is it good enough? Having Abby by your side means you never once worry about alladat until you have to introduce her because we felt it’d make for a cool intro blog post. With Abby, the journey itself becomes the creative destination and in the short time we have worked together I find myself thinking ‘I can get used to this’. Workshopping ideas, planning and executing and at every step of the way, it has been an opportunity to test myself, push myself past my comfort zone and take risks I’d not have considered and none of that happens without Abby.

It’s not all fun and games though ? Abby’s got that steely resolve that gets shit done. Her determination shines when talking and discussing the issues she is passionate about and matching her energy is it’s own high. She is that rare person that challenges and shores up your weaknesses and lucked out having her as a partner on this. Y’all in for a treat with the zany ideas we have planned and remember to;
?Turn up the lights in here baby
Extra bright, I want  y’all to see this

What we want TINABU to be about
This is still very much a work in progress. We can promise you right now our final post will be the very bestbut hey, at least you in for a helluva ride. We will be experimenting with different mediums, this blog itself, video (hello TikTok ??‍♀️) and maybe a live segment if we feel like it (we extra like that?).

If you have gotten this far, you are likely curious what TINABU is about. So are we! We will be focusing on, but not limited to (see how slick we were with that caveat ?), topical issues, news and entertainment, deep dive on under-reported social stories, and generally shit we care and are passionate about.

We are excited to have you along for this journey (we are getting deep here) and we would also love to hear your opinions not just on the FANTASTIC content we will be pumping out but also on shit that matters to you. 


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